Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Now, I'm not a person that likes to get involved in politics. I'm not all gung-ho about voting and things like that, I have to admit. But today I listened to Rush Limbaugh talk about Michelle Obama's speech at the DNC, and I had to listen for myself.

Michelle Obama has a presence. She is gorgeous, intelligent, and really knows how to give a speech. Her presentation was definitely 100%. For those of you who haven't heard it yet, you should check it out. I have included it here.

Factually, I'm not sure everything was on par. Yes, she talked about how important the truth was, but I think some things were stretched.

I said 'I think', not 'I know.' I cannot be sure because I haven't done the research, but feel free to find out for yourself.

She is a smooth talked and definitely knows how to work a crowd and pull the heart-strings. If you watched, you most likely saw people wiping tears away, as did I. I have to admit she even had me nodding occasionally. But at the end of the day, I don't agree with abortion. I don't agree with gay marriage. Both are against God. Now I may judge you or treat you differently, but I do disagree.

Obama promised change, and boy did he follow through. Unfortunately, that change wasn't so good. We are a good bit deeper in debt, and the unemployment rate has gone up.

In Jan 2009, the US unemployement rate was 7.8%. In Dec of the same year it was up to 10%. It is currently 8.3%. So instead of decreasing, it has risen.

To get the country headed in the right direction, we need someone in office who stands for what God stands for. This will always be 'One nation under GOD.'

So, feel free to comment! I would love to hear your opinions about her speech. Any  facts and opinions you wish to share are welcome. I have tried to not to state anything that wasn't factual, because I have not done a whole lot of research.

God Bless America!