More about Moi!

Well, I'm sure you all know my name, but if not, I'm Melissa Bishop. I go by many names, Missie, Melly, Mel, Fuzzyhead (my dad's nickname for me), so feel free to choose one. :) 

I'm 21 years old, so I guess that makes me an adult. I've been married for three years to my soulmate, and I have a beautiful little boy who is almost two years old.

The most important thing you should know about me is that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. He lives within me and I am careful to let my life reflect Him. Everything I say and do, my whole purpose for living, is for Him. 

My parents are amazing, the best anyone could ever ask for. I only have one sibling, Preston. He is 24 years old and he is special needs. He's awesome. :)

Any questions, shoot me a message or an email. I love meeting people, sharing the love of Jesus, and making friends :)

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