Wednesday, August 29, 2012


They say that you never know what you have until you don't have it anymore. We, as humans, take many things in life for granted. A house to live in, shoes to wear, three meals a day, a school to attend. 

A house to live in -  In 2011, here in the United States, 643,067 people were homeless. This means about 21 people in every 10,00 are homeless. There are over 100 MILLION people worldwide that have no place to live. 

Shoes to wear - millions of children and adults in third world countries will never own a pair of shoes...yet we have at least 12 sitting in our closet. 

Three meals a day - 1 in every 7 people, worldwide, DO NOT know when they will get to eat next or where the next meal is coming from.

A school to attend - 1 in 5 children in South Africa alone cannot attend school..

We take all of these things for granted. It really give you perspective when you see numbers of how many people in the world are suffering, yet we think we need more.

Don't forget; no matter how little you think you have, there are people with A LOT less. Thank God for every little thing you have.  

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