Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden....

Well, it finally happened. Wow. I mean, we have looked and searched for years trying to find this horrible criminal. 
He killed so many people.
Trained so many terrorists.
Personally oversaw many attacks.
Gave many hate speeches.
So why am I not happy that he dead?

Yeah, I'm relieved that he is dead and can no longer do the stuff mentioned above. But I feel incredibly sad for his soul. I mean, he no longer has the chance to change or have the hope of heaven. He was a horrible man, yes, but he still had a soul. A soul that I believe missed heaven. 

So should we as Christians celebrate the death of a mass murderer, or mourn a soul lost to hell? Just something to think about. I'm not even sure myself...


  1. Appreciate your tender heart, when someone dies I always think of their soul first.

  2. There are some who set themselves so firmly against God that He told his servants not to even pray for them. I'm thinking of Pharaoh. This seems like a similar case. Bin Laden chose to ignore his opportunities for God's mercy, and instead dedicated his life to fight against God.

    As an American, I rejoice in our victory. As a Christian, I rejoice in God's justice.

    The loss of any soul is a tragedy, but it is the end Osama chose.